As spring break rolls around I can’t wake to get home I find myself seriously missing my dog lol, I bet you thought I was going to say family, friends, or anything other than an animal. So, I have decided to dedicate an entire post to him.

I had always been around dogs when growing up, my parents always had american bulldogs, pit bulls, bull terriers, and bullmastiffs(mostly big dogs), so it only made since that I grew up loving animals.  As my bad luck would always have it as I got older I became allergic to animal fur and could never really be around animals without feeling like I was about to die, but being the stubborn person I am I didn’t care enough and was still going to be around all the animals as I pleased. After my parents got divorced and me, my sister, and my mom moved into a new house I begged my mom for a dog, she always said no, that she didn’t want to have to be the one responsible for him.

Fast forward a couple years, and I was at my dad’s house watching a movie and during the movie he just blurted out that we needed a dog and who was I to disagree when I really wanted one. After some discussion and lots of searching, we decided to get a bullmastiff puppy from a breeder in Oklahoma. We got him the first week of my freshman year of high school. He was a little(well not that little) brindle puppy, and I was obsessed with him the minute the breeder gave him over to me. Even my mom loved him when she got to see him too. I decided to name him Titan ( From the movie “Remember the Titans”). I can remember the first night we had him he decided to sleep in the bed with me and dragged his food and water bowls, and his toy up onto the bed before he went to sleep. It was just the best experience with him.

Today Titan is a 4 year old, giant 110 pound dog, a lot of people that meet him are actually scarred of him at first cause they aren’t used to being around big dogs, but he is one of the biggest babies you will ever meet. Don’t get me wrong he is extremely protective and guards the house with his life , but if you ever catch him when he isn’t doing that he is trying to take all the pets, attention, and even try and sit on your lap like a big lap dog.  Having Titan in my life has been so amazing, they say there’s just something about having a pet in your life that just makes it even better than it might’ve been before and I totally agree because there have been so many adventures I would have missed out on if it wasn’t for my dog. Man, does that sound corny, but it’s the truth lol. Thanks for listening to me rant about my dog.

3 comments on “Girl’s Best Friend

  • I love my dog I honestly feel like he is a Minnie me. Like he knows when I’m upset or if im ready to play or just wants to be left alone. My mom was very nervous about getting another dog because she thought our dog would get jealous of him but they ended up being best friends and she loves my puppy as much as I do or as much as her dog .

  • Oh my goodness! I can just imagine a fluffy big dog trying to fit on someone’s lap… I LOVE IT! I have a dog of my own as well and I can completely agree with you that they are truly one of a kind best friend. There’s just something about dogs that bring so much joy into life. I’ve always wanted a big fluffy dog, but sadly my parents are allergic to fur so we have a Bichon Frise whose hypoallergenic:-) She’s so old like human grandma old, but so so so hyper still. I don’t know how she does it but she’s my world. I especially love to bother her when she she’s sleeping cause she’s just so cute! I don’t know what I would do if dogs weren’t ever created. Honestly, humans don’t deserve dogs, as we see so many news about dogs being abandoned and left to die. Just in general, I sometimes wish no animals were ever created so that they never would have to face all the cruelty from humans.

  • I begin to start missing my animals too around this time of year. I have a huge husky (Cinderella), a little chihuahua (Wolverine) and a big fat cat ( Kermit ). I honestly wish I was an animal sometimes mainly a golden retriever in an elite household HAHA. I truly do miss my animals and wish they could also use cell phones to talk to me. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m pretty sure all of us secretly think this stuff. I want to go home, but I have a way too much homework to go visit my animals right now, so the next best thing is facetime. My mom always faces times me my animals all the time and I’m sure you guys have done the same as well. Hopefully, we’ll all see a dog on campus soon!

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