Tattoos, don’t you guys just love them? Well I do, I love all the different ways people can express themselves with one and all the different meaning one single tattoo can have to so many people. I got my first tattoo right before I came to college and I am obsessed with it, but I guess that might be the whole point, or is it. Mine is on my inner bicep and it’s fun cause you usually can’t see it easily so its always a surprise when you do, even for me. My mom wasn’t really for the tattoo( but I eventually got her used to the idea) and my dad is still absolutely against them, but it was something I had wanted since I was little and there was nothing in the entire world that would change my mind about it. People get tattoos for so many different reasons that you honestly never know until you actually ask. Me personally I love finding out about why people got theirs and what they mean to them, I just find tattoos so fascinating.

I can remember during senior year in high school, that is when basically my entire class started getting tattoos. I mean we had finally hit the age where we could get them without having to worry about “asking” our parents for permission. Left and right, one by one people started showing up in the morning with new ink and everybody in the class knew about it by the end of the day, It was always the hot topic. People would have all kinds of different opinions about what they thought and it was not always a positive. It was all about whether it looked right or made sense, but I always wondered what does it matter if it is not your tattoo in the first place. The silent judgement made no sense because it was no one else’s tattoo but the person who’s body it was on and yet still there were assumptions. I personally can never judge one because I will never know the reason and emotion behind that tattoo and I don’t understand why others feel they can.

Now lets talk about the tattoo haters lol, I’m just joking seriously! I do know that some people don’t like the idea of tattoos and don’t understand why people get them, I even have people like that in my family. The main argument I hear is people who wonder about when we want a job in the future how do we expect to get it with all the tattoos. My answer to that is they can usually be covered up with an article of clothing or makeup, but it still doesn’t seem to help. I feel as though there has always been a negative thought of tattoos that extends from past values, but are generation is definitely changing that. We are showing everyone that believes they stop us from/ make it harder to accomplishing things that we can still get the GPA’s and the careers even with some ink on our skin. I’ve been thinking about this since I had a conversation with my grandparents and really just wanted to write out some of my thoughts to give myself some relief and peace of mind.

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  • An interesting story on how the journey of tattoos had made you more curious to understand the reasons on what were the people’s purpose for getting these implanted on their skins. By allowing yourself to blend in with this certain type of section within society. It convinced you into getting a tattoo for yourself during the senior year of high school, to really understand the feeling of why a person would choose a genuine type of design in order to fully express themselves. While also having the tattoo express their feelings, a message that they want to convey to the society and showing the struggles of your life by relating it to any type of sorrow moment or situation that might have happened with you. Allowing tattoos to be called as a significant body of art that can exhibit ink in a beautifying visual which can represent itself in a figurative way on really showing the true light of an individual’s life.

    • While I found your reply interesting, you did get a few things mixed up. I would NEVER get a tattoo just because a lot people in my high school had one or because I wanted to understand why others get them. I talked about the people in my high school getting one to emphasize how the culture of tattoos is changing and people no longer view them in a negative light, like they used too. I mentioned liking the different tattoos of others because it shows how every tattoo no matter what it is, can have a different story. I take getting a tattoo serious and it takes a lot of consideration to make this decision, and I will never make it just because others around me do.

  • I love tattoos and I have a few myself. I had some family that was for and also against mine when I first got them. My family always worried if my tattoos would be an issue for me to have since I’m an actor. But the truth is that makeup and clothing can always fix it unless it’s too large and outrageous. People think lower of people with tattoos, so it was fun to come home for winter break and say to my relatives “hey look at my new tattoo, but also look at my 4.0 GPA”

  • I completely agree with everything you said in your post. Personally, I have always wanted a tattoo sleeve and always thought other people’s tattoos were really cool. I only have one tattoo, it is on my arm and I already have most of my arm planned out, if only it wasn’t so expensive. My extended family was actually pretty disappointed when they came into town for my graduation and saw that I had a tattoo. However, I don’t personally get along with them and my tattoo is very personal and important to me. As of now I have a matching tattoo with my mom of our birth flowers and each others birthdays in roman numerals. I want to outline it with some geometric shapes, as well as getting a tiny horseshoe on my wrist for good luck. I also have a tattoo planned with my sister but again, they are really expensive and I have higher priorities, sadly.

  • Wow so hilarious because I was just talking to my friends about me not liking tattoos. Me personally I don’t like them, especially when people get so many and start covering up their bodies. It’s like they don’t get them for a personal reason, but because they might not like how they look and use it to cover up their insecurities. Another reason I personally don’t like tattoos are because once you get old, they wrinkle with you which I think is so gross. Like who wants to be old and wrinkly to the point where the tattoo you once had you can’t even tell what it is? One reason I wouldn’t get one is because I don’t like pain and tattoos hurt, so that’s a negative for me. Although, I don’t see the point in tattoos, I would never down anyone who gets them, I’d just hope they’d have a personal reason behind it.

  • I agree with you 100% and think that tattoos are a great way for one to express themselves. Not only is there a story behind everyone’s tattoo, but it usually also symbolizes something important or sacred to that person. I have always wanted a tattoo because I think that they are very pretty and describe a person well. However, due to my religion, I am unable to get one. I am Muslim and in Islam, it’s forbidden for one to have a tattoo. Also, my parents and relatives would kill me if I ever got one because they are so against the idea. Overall, I think tattoos are a great way of self-expression.

  • I really want a tattoo and I know this sounds so lame but my mom is so against it. She claims that if I can afford a tattoo I can afford to pay for my own college. Funny, because last time I checked a tattoo is typically $60 where as college is thousands of dollars. I don’t understand her logic, but as long as she is paying for my school, unfortunately I have to follow her rules. I do want to make sure that when I get a tattoo that it is something I want. I found a counter drawing of a bee and it’s very abstract which I love! I loves animals and bee’s are very cute and important little creatures. I wish I had a deeper meaning to a tattoo and I can think of the importance of a bee tattoo but it isn’t something to commemorate someone or something. I just want to make sure it is something I love for about 1-2 years before I decide, that’s the only thing that I am holding myself back from. For the most part it’s my moms approval I am waiting on. I also remember my senior year everyone was getting tattoos as well, and I can’t help but think “how are y’alls parents so chill?” I guess I just have to wait to when I don’t need my moms approval.

  • Tattoos are amazing and alwasy have been. I think its incredible that different ancient cultures all over the world all came up with different methods of tattooing and different styles, reasons, meanings for them, etc. I think tattooing is something that brings out the animalistic nature of humans and its something that is just very untamed. I think that tattoos now more than ever before have become a norm and totally socially acceptable. growing up, my parents always shunned tattoos and I was more or less taught that anyone with tattoos is a bad person, but that couldnt be farther from the truth. It’s an art form and it’s ones unique way of expressing themselves, whether their tattoo has meaning or not.

  • I completely agree with you! It really confuses me to why people hate on other simply by their looks. There are so many stereotypes around people with tattoos and I think its so stupid that people judge others based on it. I come from a very traditional family, so even piercing on the ears was a bit of a push for them. However for my sister and I, we love tattoos. I think they’re so fun and creative and just so cool to hear about the meaning behind it, since every tattoo has a story. Whether it’s sentimental, or simply just a cute tattoo that was for fun. I have a couple in mind that I want to get, and since there’s so many tattoo parlors around, I hope I don’t make too many impulse decisions.

  • I have thought a lot about getting a tattoo. I have an obsession with flowers and would love a few tattooed on me. I want a sunflower on my hip, and a cherry blossom tattoo on my left arm. However, I have not been able to find a tattoo artist I like near where I live. I follow this amazing artist that lives in Russia that specializes in plant and flower tattoos. Another reason I have not gotten a tattoo is the lifelong commitment to one. So I’ve thought long and hard about it. I’ve decided to wait until i graduate to get any.

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