We have Spring Break coming up here soon and I personally cannot wait long enough. It feels like 2nd semester has been sooooooo long but at the exact same time so short. I have been waiting for this break forever, its like the only time I feel as though I can actually breathe without feeling like I’m falling behind in class, or that I have homework to do 25/8. But, anyways  it shall be a glorious day when I actually start Spring Break. Side Note: Do y’all remember back in like elementary school when Spring Break was like two weeks long, or was it just me my mom always told me it was only a week, but I swear it felt so much longer. Maybe it was because I was younger, but I felt like it lasted forever. I will forever miss the elementary school spring breaks.

Anyways the whole reason I wrote this blog, to complain lol. So I get that we are in college now, but why is it that professors feel the need to give us work to do over break (not trying to personally criticize any one teacher). I thought Spring Break was supposed to be a time of relaxation and well a “break” as the name suggest. Of course we’re in college now so, the homework never seems to stop, there’s no stopping the pace kept moving fast. I know what you guys are thinking and yes, I do understand why professors still give us homework over breaks, they don’t want us to forget material and also don’t want us to get behind in the curriculum , but I mean come on I need a break lol. I personally feel like a lot of students probably will not even doing the homework, and wait until Saturday, Sunday or even as soon as they get back to campus to start it, all because they won’t the break from all the hard work they do everyday. I feel as though professors should focus Spring Breaks on allowing their students to catch up on all the class work and make sure that they are understanding all the course material so they aren’t personally falling behind in that class. At least that’s what my opinion is and I’m sticking to it. I know everyone has different views on how spring break should be, so in your comments give me your opinion on how you think Spring Break should be spent for college students.

Now to tell you what I shall be doing for my spring break, which kind of shows the point i’m making. I will be going home on Thursday and shall spend my break doing work for my  programming class and studying for a couple other classes because I have work due and tests the week we get back form school ( that’s how they get you, by making it due or having tests the week we come back so you end up having to do something to pass your classes lol). So guys I want to say thanks once again for listening to my rant lol. And also, once again these are just my opinions don’t take them to heart if you don;t think the same.

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  • I can totally relate to this blog because I feel like I have been waiting for spring break to get here for so long. In saying this, I can’t even be as excited as I want to be about it because I have three tests back to back when I return and a bunch of assignments I have to complete. I honestly don’t understand why professors feel the need to throw a whole wad of assignments at us during our “break”. Like you said, this is college but if professors are going to bombard us with work during our break then technically it really isn’t a break in a way. Overall, I can easily say I feel your pain but I guess we just need to make the best of it!!

  • I love your blog. Elementary school were the days. We actually did have two weeks in the district I went to school in. The breaks were long, but I enjoyed taking a break from the routine. Just like I will enjoy it next week. It isn’t going to be much of a vacation, but more of a well needed reprieve. I just have to catch my breath, and I will be using spring break to do it. I have a lot of work on my plate regularly. I will be using spring break to catch up on work and even get ahead. Midterm season is coming and in a blink of an eye finals will be here too.

  • A relatable situation for all students to understand the pros and cons of any break that is during the semester. As for spring break coming up this week, I’m ready to meet up with my family and friends who I haven’t got to see since the winter break. While being excited about catching up with them, it’s the workload which everyone doesn’t enjoy doing. But for me, I have personally been taking it as a challenge every time we end up with a break within the semester. By seeing how much better have I gotten on managing my social life and my bucket load of work. With any type of increase in speed on completing the assignment or just seeing how things have been going lately with my family and friends. So basically, as much as we all enjoy having long periods of free time it’s also a good thing that we keep our brains active and flowing. So that it doesn’t end up being dull when we have to continue a current semester or start our new semester on a high note.

  • I believe Spring Break should be declared a week of no type of school work being done, unless the student chooses too. Like it should be a law put in place, so the teachers cannot assign work, I mean our simple president wants to build a wall so why can’t we have a law with no work for Spring Break? I honestly think its fair what I’m asking for and every student would be more than happy if this law was put in place. However, what I will be doing for Spring Break is working, eating, eating, eating, eating, and sleeping. Of course studying and doing work for classes since my teachers have no compassion!

  • Just the blog I needed to read! I am on the exact same page as you! When I come back from Spring break, I have a midterm the next day!!!? I believe that spring break should be a time where we catch up on all of our work. Therefore, no professor should assign any major assignments or projects. With that, us students could have more time to understand where we are in each class or catchup on readings. Not being assigned any work also gives us time to spend with our friends back home and of course, our family. I hope that we both get our work done early on in spring break. Best of luck!

  • I could not agree with you more Adara! We need a break too. It’s funny because I literally wrote my blog about Spring Break as well. I do not think that it is fair that we are assigned work over a break. What is the point of a break if I am doing the same thing that I would be doing if I was in school? Makes no sense to me but I understand, they want us to not forget information. But, we need a break :). These two days need to hurry up so I can go home and relax.

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