In class on Thursday we had the chance to talk about ethics and all the different things we would do in certain situations. We started out by choosing a character that we all admired and wrote why. I had chosen Simba from Lion King. We then moved into a could different scenarios and it really… Read More

Today I have decided to do another rant because why not, (and I just need to complain lol) but don’t worry I’ll be more inspirational at the end of my post. So anyways I don’t know if its the fact that we have just got back from spring break or that I am just behind… Read More

Everyone has had a conversation of some sort in their lives, you should have at least one conversation with someone everyday, whether it be a good conversation or a bad one. I know I have had many of both and while conversations can be fun and very interactive (like if your talking to a friend),… Read More

So lately (more like since the beginning of the semester) I have been going to the gym and taking different classes at Cary Street Gym, it was apart of my New Year resolutions since I barely make them and when I do I would never actually follow through on them. Anyways I never thought I… Read More