Everyone has had a conversation of some sort in their lives, you should have at least one conversation with someone everyday, whether it be a good conversation or a bad one. I know I have had many of both and while conversations can be fun and very interactive (like if your talking to a friend), they can also be very low or boring ( when someone can’t really carry on a conversation). Anyways conversations now that I think about it is something that you do hundreds of times in one day, so when you really think about it, it’s kinda weird that some people still have bad conversations skills. At the same time I understand if some people don’t do as well as others when having conversations, one of the main things being you want to be comfortable with the person you are talking too. If you aren’t then when talking to them it’s like you only want to answer what they’re saying so it will be over faster.

A “good” conversation involves first having a interesting conversation  topic. If the topic is not good then the conversation will not good anywhere and you both will end up standing there staring at each other with nothing to say.  Having a good topic is a hit or miss with some people, and I feel like this is where talking about interests of your comes in handy. You will be so much more engaged if you know the topic and  will be more willing to contribute to it. I know there are times where you will have to be in a conversation with something you don’t find interesting (i.e school or job), but this is the time you just want to know what it is you are talking about because if you know something about the topic then it is always possible for you to contribute.  A “good” conversation should also have eye contact. I feel like this might be one of the most important things because eye contact shows that you are actively paying attention and interested in the conversation.  If I am talking to someone then and they do not have some form of eye contact with me then it makes me wonder if they are listening and if me talking to them is even worth my time.

Now when talking about written and oral conversations I feel like the are both special in their own ways. With oral conversations I feel like there is more of a personal conversation and has an intimacy that written conversation don’t have. I feel as though it is also easier to have an oral conversation with someone if I have some sort of connection to them(i. e friends, family) and conversation will flow more naturally. With written communication there can be a lot of misunderstandings because you might have wrote something and the other person takes it out of context because they cannot hear the emotion in your voice and same with them not being able to see the emotion on your face. Overall though, whichever you chose should be the one that works bet for you and helps you communicate with others best.



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