In class on Thursday we had the chance to talk about ethics and all the different things we would do in certain situations. We started out by choosing a character that we all admired and wrote why. I had chosen Simba from Lion King. We then moved into a could different scenarios and it really showed some different perspectives that people never really takes the time to think about and all the different things that can go through our minds when making a decision that should be straight forward and simple. This was one of the most interesting decisions I can say we have had in class thus far. Everyone had some many good opinions that really made you think even more about the choices you made.

One of the first things we had to decide was if we were a trolley conductor whether to flip a switch that would kill 5 people or one that would only kill one. Most people (including me) chose to let the one person because it would mean saving four other families from having to grieve. People that chose to keep the trolley moving on the same track said it was mainly because if fate wanted them to die, there was nothing that was going to stop that. I kinda felt like in that moment fate would have nothing to do with it though, because my thinking was so, what if fate wanted the one person to die. So, it was basically in my mind that fate was in your hands if that makes any sense.

The next thing scenario we go was the same with a trolley expect we were on a bridge and could push a fat man off it and he would stop the train. I am almost positive everyone said that they would just keep letting the trolley go, because by pushing that man off the bridge that really is murder were as in the first option someone would die no matter what and there was nothing you could do to stop it. IN my mind I said that the situation is none of my business and I didn’t want any part in what would happen, if I’m wrong for that….. oh well.

Now what we have been assigned with last is to decide who will survive in the last scenario, which involves a sinking ship and saving people. In class one person gave who they thought should be saved and why, I had definitely agreed with them, but now I am not entirely certain. I feel like this scenario really does bring your moral character into question and shows the way you think about things. For instance do you value young children or older people, basically showing the people you think are replaceable in this world and that to me is crazy. Even as I write this now I still am not quite sure which people I will chose to save an why. It really requires you tho think about the things you value and pick based of that.

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  • Do you think you could come up with some examples of your own ethical dilemmas? And who do you think you are going to save for the lifeboat assignment? I have already decided that I am not going to save the grandma(old woman), soley because she has lived most of her life. I feel like a lot of people are going to think the same way as me on this, What is your opinion. I hope you have a great weekend!!

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