Guys we have done it again, made it to the end of another week. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been a good week even though I had a test lol, two of my teachers did cancel class on Monday and Friday was probably the main reason (I had more free time). But if I am being honest with my self I had a mini breakdown after my lad on Tuesday, but it was only because I got stressed. It made me realize how so much of the problems we go through in college is because we get so stressed. I mean of course there are a lot of other things that can contribute to the problems that happen in college, but I’ve noticed that a lot of that is because of stress. It makes us want to give everything up and just quite while were ahead, before we get to deep into our majors. It has us thinking what was the reason we chose to do this whole college thing (most likely because that is one main ways we get a good job in the future and also because it is what is expected of us).

Anyways back to my brief predicament I went through on Tuesday, it made me want to change my major (just me being dramatic) that was how frustrating that class was, and I love being in Computer Science. The major itself is one that is so fun(at least to me) and interesting. The only thing it is a whole new way of learning involving things that I do not know a lot about, so it is something new I have to learn.  But it made me wonder about changing majors because I feel like its such a big decision that it can happen so easily, I remember when I first started thinking about college someone told me that a lot of college students switched their majors at 3 times throughout their time away form home. Back then, I thought it was perfectly normal (and no I’m not making fun of people who change their majors), but now that I am in college I find it so weird that I even thought about it. For one it took me forever to pick my major in the first place, and I already have to pay extra cost for it, but in reality II feel like I wouldn’t even know where to start if I decided and when I did i would be so far behind.

I love my major and would never change it, I know that as the year comes to a close that it will only get harder, but I’m ready to face it and will be prepared. As I sit here typing this I continue to think about all the struggles that will come with, I know that in the end it will all be worth it once I walk across that stage and get my diploma. now I am just keeping my head up, because whenever I get knocked down there is only one place I can go from it…. up.

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  • I completely agree and I am extremely excited that this week is over. Sadly, for me this week wasn’t so easy as I had a ton of work due this week including exams in three of my four classes, as well as the final exam for my online class. So, this week I was extremely stressed and loaded with work that I had to get done and study for. I am glad that this week is over so I finally have time to relax, and how I look at it is that every week that we finish is one more week closer to the end of the semester.

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