Today I met up with one of my friends and he was telling me about his short film that he is making for a club he is in. When he told me I was in love with the vision he had for his film and the excitement he showed in talking about the topic, you could tell this was his passion and he was honestly enjoying himself. Even listening to him talk about it made me want to get back into something I kinda stopped doing and start a new little project for myself.

Back when I was little I had this fascination with taking pictures I loved to take pictures of my family and anything that was happening around me. I even had this fake one that didn’t even take pictures (only made the noise of a camera taking a picture) when I was really young, the thing was it didn’t matter to me as long as I had one. I think I had got my very first real camera from a prize I won when I still went to The Boys and Girls Club, and I was obsessed taking pictures of everything I could possible and its still amazes me because honestly that camera was crappy. When my grandparents got me my first actually good camera I was in love too, and like I said before I took pictures and then I got my current camera and I took pictures but it  eventually started to become less and less, until I never really used it until something big was happening. I don’t know why I stopped it was something I really enjoyed it. Did I get to busy our did I just grow out of it. But anyways, that is why I want to start getting back into take pictures, I’m going home this weekend so I think I might bring my camera back and take some pictures of the city and of course my friends. Richmond is such a nice place with so much culture and I want to capture it. I also am gonna take more pictures this summer some of the different things that happen or anything that catches my eye.

Speaking of summer, the other thing I want to start doing is taking a videos of my summer so that I can make a little video of some of the amazing moments I went through and want to remember. I got the idea from one of my Ram Camp leaders, where she took different videos of us doing things and made a cute video of our time during Ram Camp, it was amazing and made me feel like I was back to the beginning of August. I loved that she just took the videos we never really knew what they were for exactly so, that made the video even more real. I think I will try it out this summer and see how it goes, and if it does go well maybe I’ll start doing it for more different things in my life so I have some more memories. I can’t wait to  get back into and start my different little hobbies/projects I think it will be an amazing time.

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  • I also went through a phase in my life where I loved photography but over time I guess I just forgot about it or let that hobby slip past me. Taking time to go out in the world to take pictures of what you see and snapping little moments of it in different ways is such a fun creative activity to do. Being able to use a camera and really know how to play around with it to get the best photos is also just a fun hobby in itself that takes experience to figure out. I hope that going back to you lost hobby of photography will hopefully be a fun experience for yourself and I hope I can pick it back up as well.

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