Wow we are finally here, the last blog post for UNIV 112 I can’t even believe that we actually got to this point I never really thought that it would come. I can even remember when Professor Galligan told us we would have to do weekly blog post and comments on  others posts too, I was mad I didn’t understand why he would give us so much work to do each week on top of everything else that we have to do in the classes plus our other classes. I thought that I wouldn’t ever finish any of the posts he wanted so to do cause 500 words was a lot to do each week about different topics. As time passed in the class the thought of writing blog posts wasn’t too bad and I even ended up looking forward to reading other posts and reading some if y’alls comments.  These blog post have also seriously helped with my writing skills, having to do this each week I feel as though I was just continuously gaining more experience in writing and over the course of the semester I am more confident with having to write in general I no longer feel as though it is a huge task that will take forever to complete.

Anyways, overall it was crazy how fast I feel this semester went by especially compared to last semester and I definitely had more fun too ( but that have been just because of the fact I decided to participate in class more) I never really thought I could enjoy a class that involved reading and writing cause it was never really my favorite thing to do, but for this class I really liked going and was most definitely always on time (SIDE NOTE: I’m in the 9:30 class, and I could barely wake up for it fall semester but this semester I have no problem, is that just me or did that happen to you guys too?) and prepared for the class waiting. I have loved everything we have done and learned and honestly see why VCU wanted everyone to take this course before continuing here throughout our college career. This class is definitely one I’m happy I am taking now because I do know some people who want to wait till junior, senior year. I

I know that I will never forget all the people in my class and all the different things I learned from them and also all the friends I have made. I don’t even know what my UNIV classes would be like if I wasn’t in this class (and no I’m not saying my class is the best). It’s so weird that I won’t be seeing everyone next year,crazy to think about. I can’t even lie though I set my UNIV 200 class for next year the exact same time and days as I have it this year, so that I am not having any issues and hopefully not struggling. I have had a good time being here, but it has come to an end, so I hope the rest of your college life so swell and beyond that too. Good-luck!!!!!!!

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  • Last semester felt so long and dreary. I hated it. But I have enjoyed this semester so much more as well! When Professor Galligan told us we had to do a blog every week with comments I was so overwhelmed but honestly, they have been so much easier and fun to write compared to first semester and doing the conversation logs every day. I am so grateful that Professor Galligan was my Univ teacher. He is definitely the only professor I have had all year that pushes me to be better and wants to see all of us succeed. I hope that I come across more professors that are just like him!

  • I feel you! I have no idea where the time went by!! I literally feel like it was just yesterday where we we’re in our first UNIV class introducing ourselves. I am in his 2pm class so for me it was never a struggle to be on time for UNIV since it was in the middle of the day. But about the blogs I felt the same way. I thought 500 words a week plus two comments would take forever but as soon as I started to write it didn’t feel like a burden. I started to enjoy blogs and find enjoyment in writing a little bit more. I hope UNIV 200 is a similar experience, I want to have classmates that are as supportive as they are in UNIV 111-112.

  • This year really flew! I can’t believe the year is almost done. I agree with every single thing you said. These blogs have also helped me improve in my writing skills. They allow me to talk about mostly anything that I want and I can just be myself. Just like you, I could not forget all of the people that were in my class, especially the people I sat with. UNIV 111 and UNIV 112 were honestly my favorite class my entire freshman year. I wish you the best!

  • It really is unbelievable how fast this year has gone. It feels like I just started college and now I’ve complete two whole semesters. It’s crazy especially to think I’ve finished two semesters of UNIV, I’m sad, but still happy too. I feel stronger now that I’ve taken this class and I feel more knowledgable, I’m happy of the improvement I’ve received with the many skills I once struggled with. These skills I will now use throughout college and life. I too see why they want students to take it there first year, it’s so beneficial. I’m really excited to see how UNIV 200 goes. I wish the best for you!

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