Within reading the first page I began to realize how necessary it is for me to address SRL in my specific learning module. My module is an introduction to the online environment and an introduction to my policies and expectations. I also plan to walk them through the first week’s assignments to ensure that all students understand how to access material, complete assignments, and submit work. I think it is crucial for students to reflect on their academic strengths and weaknesses before they tackle this new learning experience and develop strategies to help them overcome their weaknesses to accomplish their weekly tasks.

I am still trying to process the most effective way to address this but my initial thought is to have students submit a document where they identify their own strengths and weaknesses, set goals they have for the course, and develop a weekly plan for the first month of when they will work on the course. I think the initial shock to students enrolled in the course is making the time to complete the course work. In the first month I have a lot of students who simply forget about the course. I hope this would help them put a plan in writing that they would be more likely to stick with. After the first month, I can create an assignment that allows them to reflect on how they felt the first month went and whether or not their plan was successful.

Again those are my initial thoughts, I am more than open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “SRL”

  1. I like the pre-assessment of figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of students. How will you go about using this information to gear your course/module? I think helping them, at the beginning, with their weekly / monthly plan is crucial. As you point out, many of these students may not be ready for a course like yours with the expectations of an online class/environment. Instead of just giving them an outline/plan, you may want to try having them create a plan on what they would do and then you go over it to point out any concerns.

  2. Yeah, I knew this would be a great reading for you. As I mentioned we have created a whole module that is very much like what you are creating solely based on SRL. Our study got side tracked this semester, but we are hoping to do it again in the SPring to see if our SRL intro module increases performance in online courses. Did you get the module materials from my doc student?

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