Success (kind of) Finally!


I have finally completed some semblances of assigned course content.  I spent a considerable amount of time collecting content for a video and a “hacked” syllabus and explored a couple of different video-making programs.  I wanted to incorporate some different elements into the video but ran into lots of issues trying to record myself (phone audio not working, webcam for PC left in office), but I finally settled for voiceover.  I ended up using “MovieMaker,” which my daughter uses for school.  The final product, course video, is much shorter than what I’d planned, and it is far from perfect, but I did learn a lot about what making a video entails.  I had hoped to include different types of content (music, texts entering and exiting the frames in cool ways) that I had started playing around with, and at some point I hope to learn to use them when I have the time to devote to this.  The good news is that once I uploaded to YouTube, my video generated several others on qualitative research that I might be able to use!

I also attempted to hack my syllabus, with marginal success.  I used a newsletter template in Word.  As you will see in my Hacked Syllabus Final, I only completed the first page, but I hope to continue with this project at some point, as I do kind of like where I was headed.

All in all, though tremendously time-consuming and challenging, I enjoyed the assignments as they forced me to rethink how I want to deliver course ideas and to learn some new skills.  (Although I’m pretty sure I’m still not embedding things into my blogs correctly.  I should probably seek some assistance with that).



3 thoughts on “Success (kind of) Finally!

  1. Most important things take time, right? 🙂 And as you gain experience, it’ll get faster . . . although your goals will likely shift as well. I usually end up totally dissatisfied with things I made only a year ago. I consider that a sign of improvement. 🙂

    If you’ve got a specific embedding question, let us know (face-to-face or digitally).

  2. Sometimes the YouTube algorithm works nicely like that, and it makes me think of how that might work as a feature for learning. What does it mean that our students can watch a video and then be served up similar videos? I kinda love that Amazon has a feature that says, essentially, “You checked this out, you might also like _________.” When students consume content, wouldn’t it be great if our systems offered them related content they might like?

    I like where you’re headed with the syllabus. That said, I hope you’ll consider integrating the syllabus into the course site as native to the Web. I had a colleague explain how students used to annotate the course assignments page of the course site. This way, students were able to share ideas and questions they had about assignments. I love that idea.

  3. I spent a large amount of time hacking my syllabus as well, and I love what I ended up with. It looks like you are on your way to a much more engaging syllabus as well! I had to really pare down to the basics and think about what was important on day one, and that was probably the hardest part.

    Did you use a PowerPoint with your video? I did a combination of that an pictures and working out and example (written). I used Snagit for mine. I paused probably 20 times while making the video to change content or think about what I was going to say next. It took awhile but my video was only like 5 minutes. It takes a lot of time to get a little content! Great start!

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