It has been awhile since I’ve had to reflect on the Nativity Ode since I had first read it. Originally, I had been amazed by the use of Cronus (clock time) and Kairos (sacred time) and the dichotomy this brings to poem.  It especially becomes apparent through scansion of particular lines as Milton tries to… Read More

I’ve got to make the site look inspired. It has been awhile. These paintings I’m using are by Hieronymus Bosch who had a vivid and intense imagination, especially when it came to religious iconography.  The Garden of Earthly Delights which I use in my banner is an interesting stroke into the artists mind and what they… Read More

I just wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful class. It was fun and Milton is going to be something I carry with me for many years to come. Getting the change to see the views of my peers everyday through blog posts has been extremely useful in learning Paradise Lost. Milton is so complex… Read More

So I got a phone call from my brother, he asked what I was doing. I said, ” I’m reading Paradise Lost ever heard of it?” He goes, “Yeah I read it. I was always fascinated by how Milton characterized Satan as a hero or even Mock-heroic figure with -” and I had to stop… Read More

Nicholas George Mythology and Folklore December 3, 2018 Dr. Campbell ==Wikipedia Project Summary== The Wikipedia article that I decided to work on was the Hero’s Journey. This happened to be an article I brought up by chance while showing a friend and explaining what our Mythology course was working on this semester. When I went… Read More

So I thought I’d share this because it was funny… So the article I was working on got vandalized! I got an email that my page had an edit, and I looked at it and it was Bad I went and booted up my computer because I was looking at Wikipedia on my phone. In the… Read More

Read the title. I still feel like God/The Son scumbagged snakes. Maybe Milton felt like he had to add it in there to stay true to the Bible but that’s weak-sauce boss. Mr. Wiggles my brothers pet python will forever remain the nicest boy in my heart. One time I stepped on a copperhead in… Read More

I know the end of the semester is coming up and it is like we get a mini-panic attack when I look at the calendar because our stuff is DUE super soon. But I want you to know it’s alright to calm down and take a deep breath.  I started working on my wiki-article tonight… Read More

So book 10 of PL made me reflect on Tonya’s presentation on Milton’s God being bad. I’m so conflicted especially after hearing in Cameron’s presentation that the son was sitting in Aries kind of like waiting for the fall… But also in Book 10 God tells the angels he let Satan in the Garden… Then… Read More

I really like old school practical effects in movies. We kind of touched on this in our class talking about how Cocteau just uses good solid tricks like altering lighting and making the beast suit look believable (at least in his time, I know that’s a stretch) But I really did enjoy what Cocteau was… Read More