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Racist Richmond Police Remark (Timely News Article)

Hey all, Sarah here again, writing for some extra participation points. Today in my Person in Society class, I heard about an incident I’d like to share with you guys here. In late March, a Richmond police officer was filmed… Continue Reading →

Hidden Brain Episode: Radically Normal: How Gay Rights Activists Changed The Minds Of Their Opponents

This is a really great podcast.  It is a long, but worthwhile listen:    

Mos Def – Mathematics (Anti-Oppression Song)

Hi everyone, Sarah Alby here. I’m writing here today to earn a few extra participation points by sharing an anti-oppression expression of music with you all. The song I chose to share is one by rapper Mos Def, titled “Mathematics”…. Continue Reading →

Race and Ethnicity Presentation

Hello everyone! Here is the Race and Ethnicity Google Slides presentation our group showed in class. Thanks! – Sarah

Cultural Awareness Day at VCU

I hope many of you will plan and be able to attend Cultural Awareness Day on Wednesday, March 27 presented by the Association of Black Social Workers at VCU.  Here is a link where you can learn more and register. … Continue Reading →

Abilities presentation (By. Ciara, Breonna, Calvin, Arianna, and Muftau)

Here is the google slides of our presentation (you will have to copy and paste)

Great Work at CirclesRVA

Thank you all for your amazing work and collaborative spirit at CirclesRVA!  People really appreciated the dinner and loved having a chance to meet you.  Here are a few pictures (please post your own, too!)

Kids Explain Intersectionality

I personally learn best through videos like this and It made me smile all the way through listening to kids explain a topic I think most adults don’t even understand. I think this is a simplified version and easily understood… Continue Reading →

VCU and Gentrification of Richmond

Our school is known for it’s diverse student body and celebration of individuality. However, it seems as if VCU has been a big contributor to Richmond’s gentrification dilemma. This article highlights more of the specifics, but many students have begun… Continue Reading →

Nike’s “Dream Crazier” Ad

https://twitter.com/Nike/status/1099723184369152001   In this empowering advertisement of encouragement to woman, Serena Williams narrates all the accomplishments of athletic woman who pushed the boundaries the world thought they could never do. Serena Williams is undoubtably one of the most talented tennis… Continue Reading →

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