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Respondus Question Editor and Canvas Quizzes

Respondus Question Editor is useful in gathering exam questions from Canvas for export and import into ExamSoft.  Currently Instructure Canvas does not have the necessary web services and APIs to retrieve quizzes and questions.  So, it is necessary to first export the quiz from a Canvas classic quiz as an IMS QTI 1.2 XML file for import into Respondus from the IMS QTI personality.

The following steps are documented from the Respondus Technical Support Knowledgebase article: Respondus 4.0 > Publishing & Retrieval > Retrieving questions from Canvas Classic Quizzes.

The steps are:

  1. Log into your Canvas course
  2. In the Canvas course, go to Settings->Export Course Content
  3. Select “Quiz” under “Export Type”
  4. When the quiz list appears, select only “one” quiz followed by “Create Export” and then download the export file. (See Notes Below)
  5. Start Respondus 4.0
  6. In Respondus->Start->Current Personality, select “IMS QTI”
  7. Go to Respondus->Start->Import Questions.
  8. In Import Questions->File Name:->Browse, select “Zipped IMS QTI package (.zip)” in the lower left.
  9. Locate the just downloaded QTI export file and complete the import process.
  10. Go back to Respondus->Start->Current Personality to change back to “Instructure Canvas” or other LMS.


Instructure Canvas currently does not support the export of question groups linked to questions banks in a quiz. Any quizzes with linked question banks will need to be rebuilt without the linked question banks before exporting as a QTI file.

To export any question banks, you will need to build a new quiz from the question bank and then export as a quiz.


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