Brittle Bones? Try Spinach!!!

Brittle Bones? Try Spinach!!! 

Brittle Bones? Try Spinach

Health Benefits

  • Good source of  Iron, which helps improve function of red blood cells
  • Excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid
  • Vitamin K helps maintain bone health
  • Good source for Mg, Mn, Fe, and Vitamin B2
  • Dark green color implies high in chlorophyll and phytochemical carotenoids
  • Anti inflammatory and anti cancerous properties





Spinach is available all year but it’s season is between March-June

Spinach is a fast growing plant and it thrives in cool temperatures (35-75 degrees F) and it loves full sun, but will still grow in shade.

Harvest Spinach leaves when they are big enough to eat.  If you harvest the outer leaves, it allows the plant inner leaves to keep growing and it delays bolting.

Spinach can be paired with many things and some recipe options can be found at:


First Picture:


Second and Third Picture (Nutrient Profile):


Health benefits:


Health Benefits:


Fourth Picture:


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Seventh Picture:

11 thoughts on “Brittle Bones? Try Spinach!!!”

  1. I had no clue that spinach was good for your bones! I always thought it just made you super strong like Popeye!

  2. I eat a lot of spinach! I like to put it in my egg whites in the morning with onions. I started eating spinach because of the fiber in provides to promote good digestion. I usually cook it in a pan and wrap my eggs around it. Is there a special way you prefer to eat your spinach?

  3. I never knew how hardy spinach was until I read your post. My family has a bad history with cancer so I will try to put in spinach into my diet as much as possible.

  4. When I was little I used to hate spinach but recently I have been eating it much more often and I like it a lot. I just pretend I am popeye the sailor man and all of a sudden it’s the best thing ever. I am anemic so the fact that it provides a great source of iron really helps me out. This blog made me really want to eat some spinach right now!

  5. I ate spinach before but I never knew that is had all these good vitamins in it, I am going to add this to the food I eat often because it is full of stuff that is good for your body. How often should you eat spinach?

  6. I started eating spinach when I was little to help with my anemia, it really helped! It’s funny how just adding one thing to your diet can change so many problems! I never much liked my spinach cooked, however, the recipe you posted looks really good, and I will probably try it out.

  7. Spinach is great! It’s so versatile! I’m not a big fan of it cooked but the recipe you put in your blog, I may just have to try!

  8. I eat spinach every day because I know it is high in Iron but I didn’t know that it was anti-inflammatory! I may try to grow my own spinach, it looks like it grows pretty easily!

  9. i really love spinach and the fact you can eat it cook or uncooked. even thought i’m not that big on veggies spinach is one of my favorite.

  10. I love spinach it is so underrated. I like how all of your pictures are bright, beautiful green spinach leaves. They are incredibly healthy and delicious!

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