Week 3 Blog

The thing that springs to mind about how art caused me to consider something in a new way is when I viewed the painting called Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 by Marcel Duchamp. I saw this as a part of my art class, during Year 9, as we went over different periods of painting styles. I was fascinated by how such a static piece of paint on canvas gave the impression that movement was taking place. The painting to me seemed to play with exactly where the shape of the figure was, so as you observed it your eye flowed along never quite identifying the whole figure. I learned that Duchamp was part of a group of Italian artists called the futurists and they wanted to show movement and innovation in their paintings. This in turn caused me to look at the works of art done by these other artists and how each one of them had a similar theme but their own unique style.

This experience of viewing a piece of art and then delving deeper into the people who created the art and their beliefs showed me that a painting can be more than just a pretty landscape or portrait. It really showed me that one picture can cause someone with no previous interest in art or history to become interested in not only that one picture but the person who created it. I had never really considered getting to know more about a painter, up until then I had been content to just know who painted a specific picture. With this one painting I delved into other artists that fell under the term futurists and discovered that they were not only interested in movement but also innovation and the coming of a new age of technology and progress.

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