Blog Post #13: & Computer Science Standards

I really enjoyed completing the courses on and reading through the program’s mission—to expand access to computer science in schools and increase participation, especially by women and underrepresented minorities. This program is something that I hope to incorporate in my future classroom because it is a great way to involve technology and critical-thinking into instruction, especially in math and science. After reading the Virginia Computer Science Standards and the goals found on, I find that there is overlap because they both aim to ensure that every student in K-12 schools have access to and have the opportunity to experience and learn computer science.

The major challenges of integrating the Computer Science Standards in my curriculum would be the time commitment and the unpredictability of the technology itself. Not only can it be time-consuming to learn the technology as a teacher, but it can also be difficult to find the time to effectively teach the technology to the students. In addition, technology and Wi-Fi networks both within the school and at home can often be unpredictable and cause obstacles for student learning.

I enjoyed using the Spheros again after having been introduced to them in the PE class a few semesters ago! It was fun to be able to compete and try to code the Sphero to complete the maze; however, it was frustrating at times, especially since the whole class was doing it at once. If given the resources, I would like to use Spheros in my future classroom, given that I am teaching upper elementary students because I think they would be able to get more out of the coding experience.

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