Life Cycle of a Plant Lesson Plan (Grade 2)

Plants Lesson Plan

This lesson plan was taught in my second grade Practicum B experience during the Science block. The objective of the lesson was for students to accurately order the stages of a plant’s life cycle, including seed, germination, roots and stems, seedling, and pollination. To introduce the lesson, the students were able to listen to a read aloud of “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle and analyze an anchor chart of the life cycle of a plant. The students were then given an opportunity to create their own representation of a plant’s life cycle by sequencing the pictures and their captions in the correct order. Lastly, students were able to represent the life cycle by standing up and making a movement to represent their given role in the cycle—for example, the “seed” might be balled up on the floor and the “flower” might be standing tall with arms up high.

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