Case Study Report

Case Study Report-TEDU 566

During my Practicum C tutoring experience, I was able to work with a third grade student over time to improve her literacy skills. Through the administration of assessments, I was able to collect and analyze data to determine how to plan instructional activities that would benefit her understanding and growth of important developmental literacy skills. I also designed a Recommended Instructional Plan, which includes resources and activity ideas in the areas of phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing, as well as ideas for the incorporation of technology. Lastly, I was given the opportunity to reflect on the growth that the student has made throughout our tutoring sessions.

Practicum & Internship Placements

Practicum A: George Washington Carver Elementary School, Richmond, Grade 2

Practicum B: William Fox Elementary School, Richmond, Grades 2 and 4

Practicum C: Barack Obama Elementary School, Richmond, Grade 3

Internship Placement 1: Rivers Edge Elementary School, Henrico, Grade K

Internship Placement 2: Springfield Park Elementary School, Henrico, Grade 3


Classroom Newsletter

Addie Snyder Classroom Newsletter

In my Home and School Collaboration course, I had the opportunity to develop a practice classroom newsletter, including teacher contact information, a welcome and thank you to families, information on curriculum and additional resources, staff spotlight, student spotlight, and a calendar with upcoming events. I was also able to practice language and cultural considerations when communicating with families, such as using the word “families” as opposed to “parents,” providing positive communication, connecting families with important school faculty, and sharing information about upcoming events.

Field Trip Assignment

TEDU 591 Field Trip Assignment

In my Social Studies Curriculum course, I was given the opportunity to attend the Virginia Museum of History & Culture in Richmond, VA to learn more about how to set up a field trip, as well as consider how I would develop a lesson that I might use in the classroom. I chose to focus on the fourth grade topic of the American Revolution with an emphasis on the roles of important events and figures during the time. In my reflection of how I would plan the lesson, I also incorporated how students would be able to better understand the content through Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Spelling Lesson Plan

Spelling Assessment and Connected Lesson

This lesson plan was created after conducting a Development Spelling Assessment with a second grade student, through which I was able to determine that the student was spelling in the Within Word Pattern stage of development. During the lesson, I had the student complete a -k, -ke, and -ck word sort, play a word sort Bingo game, and complete a writing sort to practice the within word vowel patterns.