Activity File

During my Practicum B experience, I had the opportunity to create an activity file that consists of 50 activities, tasks, and games across the 5 mathematical content strands: Number & Number Sense; Computation & Estimation; Measurement & Geometry; Patterns, Functions, & Algebra; and Probability & Statistics. The activities were collected for students in K-5 grades and focused on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as promoting a variety of possible approaches and representations for solving the problems.

The following are several of the activities included in my activity file:

Number & Number Sense:

Three Digit Number Math Task (Grade 2)

Who Could I Be? Math Task (Grade 3)

Computation & Estimation:

Oh No! 99! Math Task (Grade 2)

Thinking About Tenths and Hundredths (Grade 5)

Measurement & Geometry:

Ice Cream Scoop Math Task (Grade 2)

Geometry Math Task (Grade 4)

Patterns, Functions, & Algebra:

Lynn’s Ladder Math Task (Grade K)

Animal Patterns Math Task (Grade 5)

Probability & Statistics:

Pet Graph Math Task (Grade 1)

Probability Spinners Math Task (Grade 4)

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