Field Placement Unit Plan, Lesson, and Reflection

TEDU 522 Unit Plan

TEDU 522 Two-Digit Addition Lesson Plan

TEDU 522 Lesson Plan Reflection

This unit plan was designed during my Practicum B experience to align with the second grade Math SOL 2.6, which focuses on the concepts of using various methods to solve single-step and two-step addition and subtraction problems. In my second grade class, I was able to teach one of the lessons from my unit plan, specifically focusing on two-digit addition. I introduced the lesson by completing a whole group addition number routine with the students. The students then had the opportunity to rotate to four stations, including “I Have, Who Has…?,” Domino Addition, “Oh No! 99!,” and Spinner Addition. After the lesson, I was able to reflect on both the strengths and weaknesses, as well as how I would change the lesson if I could teach it again.

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