Tutoring Running Record and Analysis

Decodable Text

Tutoring Running Record

Running Record Analysis

During my Practicum C experience, I was able to take a running record of a third grade student. I chose a decodable text called “Click, Cluck, and Quack” since the student was focusing on -ck digraphs. I chose to practice the method of taking the running record on a blank sheet of paper, during which I marked accurate reading, as well as the omission and substitution miscues. With a total of 40 words in the text and 4 miscues (with no self-corrections), the student scored within the instructional level (90%) on the running record. My analysis focuses on the teaching points of taking the time to ensure that each word is read, using decoding skills to read unfamiliar words, and discussing the substituted words to help the student understand how the meaning is changed.

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