Practicum & Internship Placements

Practicum A: George Washington Carver Elementary School, Richmond, Grade 2

Practicum B: William Fox Elementary School, Richmond, Grades 2 and 4

Practicum C: Barack Obama Elementary School, Richmond, Grade 3

Internship Placement 1: Rivers Edge Elementary School, Henrico, Grade K

Internship Placement 2: Springfield Park Elementary School, Henrico, Grade 3


Diversity & Multicultural Lesson Plan


This lesson was taught in my second grade Practicum A experience during the Language Arts block. The lesson focused on supporting a growing vocabulary (the meaning of diversity and different types of diversity), using oral communication skills to participate in a whole group, and generating ideas before writing, as well as a read aloud of We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio. The activity focused on creating a “Wonder Kindness Poster” and allowing the students to write kind messages on one another’s poster to promote a positive classroom culture in which differences are celebrated.