Blog Post #1: Technology Experience

A personal web site, blog, or social media account could be used in my future teaching career first for networking purposes as a means of connecting with other educators and even employers. Within the classroom environment, a personal web site or blog could be helpful in introducing myself to the students and staying connected with them as they continue through their education. Especially for older students who may have daily access to this technology, I can use my personal blog to communicate assignments and classroom updates to both the students and their parents. I believe that it is important to provide daily practice with technology for students of all ages. Throughout my K-12 education, my teachers provided opportunities for us to use technology, whether it was going to the computer lab, using iPads in the classroom, watching/making videos, or using other forms of technology for hands-on activities. As I have observed classrooms in my time at VCU, I have noticed that many schools lack the funding to provide these experiences with technology for their students. Although many schools and teachers try to do what they can, it is unfortunate that students’ educational experiences are unable to be enhanced by technology due to lack of resources and funding.