Blog Post #11: SAMR

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SOL: Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change 4.7 The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system. Key concepts include

a) the planets in the solar system;

b) the order of the planets in the solar system; and

c) the relative sizes of the planets.

SAMR Model:

  • The Google Slides activity allows students to practice correctly ordering the planets (by distance from the Sun) by dragging and dropping pictures of the planets. It also gives students practice identifying the planets in the solar system. This activity serves as modification because students would be able to complete the task without technology, but there is significant functional improvement as students are able to use the technology to easily drag and drop the planets.
  • The Google Form is an exit ticket for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the content. This activity serves as augmentation because students could complete the same form without technology, but it is a more efficient means of gathering information.

Modifying the lesson to hit these levels of SAMR enhances the meaningful use of the technology because not only does it increase student engagement and give students opportunities to use different forms of technology, but it is also an efficient method of communication between teachers and students.