Mileece – The Cybernetic Druid

There is no utopia without nature. Life is already a utopia – Mileece

What Mileece means by this is that humans have already been gifted harmony in life. Our existence has been curated around the natural phenomena of the world. But by neglecting our relationship with nature, we lose the connection to ourselves as well. “We are nature.”Mileece

One practice that Mileece has mastered is the creating organically generative sound with plants. Plants as well as all life create bio-emissions. Mileece amplifies these bio-emissions from plants using an electrode. This signal is transmitting into code and from there it can be read by the computer, manipulated and so forth.

Using this technique, Mileece has created a series of Tree Weaver Pods (work in progress). These pods consists of interactive plants mounted with electrodes as well as visual projections inside the dome. From places like the Amazon, Mileece will have a live-stream of data in these pods to alter the audio/visual creations so the interaction and live-feed can create a synchronicity from the two environments. Mileece’s first Tree Weaver Pod was created for students at The International School of Los Angeles. All of these projects are site specific. This particular one has an area where children can sit and read as they are surrounded by sonic-responding plants. Mileece even goes onto say in an interview that there are studies that linked attention deficits disorder to a lack of being exposed to natural environments. By just being around them, plants are known to help stimulate the brain, “helping with memory, social interaction, and abstract thought.” – Mileece


Mileece has also performed using this technique at the MoMA.

To counteract the decline of our unity with nature, Mileece uses the very thing, technology, that propels this decline, to awaken our relationship with nature.

Mileece sees herself more as a facilitator of human and plant interaction rather than strictly a composer of sound.

This project again goes back to Kelsey Finn-Fowler and Stephen Vitiello’s work about acoustic ecology. And if we are nature, just as plants and insects, as Mileece describes, than we too are deeply impacted by sound in our environment. . . Vrroooooom!

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