Mirium Simun

Miriam Simun speaks to me because she sees the shittiness of humans. She doesn’t bash us though, she is a mirror to us that is kind and subtle, but also backed by science. It takes you aback, how far she thought out environmental issues. Thought about it enough to relate it to people who have so many other things to think about. That’s what’s incredible. Reaching an audience THAT’S NOT REALLY LISTENING.

Ghost food is a Project by Mirium Simun, one of many environmental tech projects with MITLabs. She created a headpiece with a smelling pod to sit on consumers faces while they eat vegan, climate-change resilient ingredients, and the prosthetic delivers the smell of it’s lost flavor.

Things like cod, peanuts, and chocolate will not be as available to eat due to climate change.

It’s a commentary on the ways we don’t even think about how climate change will effect us. Are you assuming chocolate won’t be available because of climate change? Of course not, because you’re a human and you get what you want, and if you can’t get what you want you order it online. And there’s no thought put into the millions of things you just GET.



other work that I love is “I WANT TO BECOME A CEPHALOPOD” makes me think of performance art and survival-ism…check it out

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