Walk Part 3 (this time it’s personal)

I was going to write about how I took a pleasant stroll down Grove the other day, when the weather was finally hospitable and cool, and the bassline of Paul Simon’s Can’t Run But playing distantly in the back of my mind, but I think I’d rather talk about the walk we took in Belle Isle. I haven’t been to the river for fun since early spring and finally having the time to do so proved to be great for my general mood. I felt as though I was taking deeper breathes, that the tension in my shoulders was leaving, my mind was clear of distraction.

I was shocked by the way the sounds of the river and the trees enveloped each other forming what Bob put very well as pockets of sound. Each way I turned was a new perspective on what I was hearing. This kind of immersive aspect of nature is the kind of thing I would like to address with my artwork.

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