The Forbidden Unanswered Question

After my morning shift, I continued on my usual route out the back door and into the alley. There is this sweet little bench that I have always passed, but never have enjoyed for myself that I finally decided to take advantage of. There’s really not much that happens in my alley, it’s purpose in this world is to serve as the pathway for my complexe’s waste to eventually be consumed by the garbage truck. The ground was still and the sky was clear, but what caught my attention was what sat on the ground.

To my right there laid an abandoned pregnancy test. I walked over to it curious to see what everyone must be dying to know: the results. Broken and unavailable. The results to this test were shattered in half. The results that the world will never know, maybe only known to one person that are left to be shared or kept discrete.

The results of this test would change the subject’s life. So I outlined some scenarios depending on the possible outcomes.


If the test was positive this could be either very good or very bad, let’s start with the good. 

Gratitude. This was a beautiful planned pregnancy that has been in the works for weeks. It also very well could be someone’s greatest surprise of their life. Hopefully this outcome would provide both the baby and whoever took the test a wonderful, fulfilling life filled with lots of joy. Whether it was random or not, these results worked in favor of this aspect of the simulation and it marked the beginning of something beautiful.

Fear. On the other hand, maybe a positive test was the last thing in the world this person ever wanted and they will probably either abort it or end up having it and put it up for adoption. Or maybe they will have it and keep it, but resent it as it was never wanted in the first place. It’s a toxic cycle, but show compassion because life isn’t fair to all of us.

Negative/Not Pregnant

Relief. Thank god I am not pregnant. Said probably a great deal of many college students ever. These results could be an excellent reminder to be more careful next time because better safe than sorry. Having a baby is no joke, and even if one is desired no one is ever really prepared for this milestone. A negative result could allow one to carry on and pretend like it never happened like we do with most unflattering moments in life.

Disappointment. A different result was everything someone had ever hoped for, but the time wasn’t now. Maybe this means that they need to keep trying, or they’ve reached the point where they are ready to just give up and cry. Either way, whenever the test was taken, this could’ve been very upsetting for them. They were probably so upset they threw the test out the window and that’s when it shattered in half. This moment would either come with motivation or defeat in this person’s story of life.

What I’ve Gathered

I would guess that whoever took this test was a college student in my apartment building. However, like the results everything about this test is unknown. Maybe they meant to buy tampons instead of this test, or maybe it was a false negative? Everything about this situation is absolutely fascinating to me. I hope whoever it belongs to is alright though. With today’s circumstances we may all be in the same ocean, but we’re all riding different waves. I would love to hear other theories about this test!

3 thoughts on “The Forbidden Unanswered Question

  1. It wasn’t the first option. If she wanted the baby AND it turned out positive, it seems unlikely to me that the humble test was discarded in reckless fashion. If you want to know for certain, however, I suggest you knock on every door in your building (and adjacent buildings) with the broken test in your hand asking, “Might this be yours?” There’s probably a film in that somewhere. Or an arrest warrant.

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