trial no.1


Unfortunately the webcam that is built into my laptop has not worked for quite awhile. This was hardly a hindrance until the age of zoom was upon us. This is when I purchased my very cheap wired webcam that I absolutely despise for a multitude of reasons, one being is that I have to intricately finagle it to sit on the top of my laptop and it is constantly falling off. The picture also makes my skin look discolored but I’ll save that grievance for the amazon review. Anyway, despite my annoyance at it constantly falling off, I have noticed that the image it produces when it is dangling or has fallen upside down is visually pleasing to me.  So for operation walk I decided to keep my webcam on after our class ended and bring it with me on my walk. Given that this is my first trial there were many technical failures and things to be improved upon that I have taken note of. Knowing that this would be the case I decided to keep my journey very simple and walk to the nearest market and back to test if my mechanism would be practical. I am not a very crafty individual when it comes to any sort of assembly or repair of sorts.  I assembled the mechanism with an insulation bag from my food delivery days and a great deal of painters tape because I didn’t have anything more adhesive. After taping the webcam into the computer to avoid it disconnecting in the bag, subsequently covering the charging hole, I noticed I had a low charge, so I had to move quickly. My mechanism was anything but beautiful and extremely unstable, but I figured it would suffice for my first trial. To my suprise, the charge on my laptop lasted for the entire walk, but the instability of the webcam caused it to point upwards. Knowing I wanted to get good stills from my video, this did not aid my results. As instructed, on my walk I did observe something I have never seen before, this being a filthy miniature plastic figurine of a buddhist monk (I think) lying helplessly in the alley. I took him home of course, and gave him a bath,more research regarding this discovery to come. I think having a video of my walk was an interesting way to experience the operation, as I had the opportunity to notice small details in the video.

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