Old Walk

I often think about how many other people walked the same paths I take daily.

It’s more prevalent in some cities than others. In Richmond you can feel the history driving through the streets. It’s reflected in the architecture and monuments and seems to be more noticed now that Black Lives Matter is in full swing.

In some Asian, African, and European cities, it can feel a different type of old. Ancient in some places.

It’s quite remarkable that humans that were on earth anytime between  500 and 10,000 years ago, managed to leave a lasting mark on the planet that still exists in some way, shape, or form.

In roughly 4.1 billion years the Earth went from a clump of space rock heavy in volcanic activity, to a tamed world with plant life and single celled organisms, to the bustling modern place it is today. And yet it’s still the same space rock. And yet those 4.1 billion years are only a fraction of the age of the entire Universe. Saying that we are small or insignificant is a drastic understatement to say the least.

It’s interesting to think about how many people and animals have called this place home.

I also wonder about how far the earth itself has travelled in its lifetime. How many light years has this small world travelled? And how little has it seen? Better yet, how much more will the Earth see in her life before she perishes?  Who knows.

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