If you are having a problem syncing your blog posts to the mothership, try one of these FAQ’s:

Aggregation FAQs

  1. My stuff hasn’t shown up! Keep in mind that it’s not instant. It can take up to an hour so make sure you’ve waited at least that long.
  2. Did you write a post? If you wrote a page, it’s not going anywhere only posts will aggregate.
  3. Are you using the right category? Most professors have opted to use a specific category for their course. Make sure you checked the category box for the right category.
  4. Save permalinks. This doesn’t make much sense but just go to your Dashboard then to Settings>Permalinks and hit Save at the bottom of the page. Give it at least an hour (see #1 in this list) and see if it doesn’t magically fix itself.
  5. Is your site public? We support a variety of privacy options on Ram Pages but only the top two (see screenshot below) allow RSS feeds to work. You can get details on what these settings mean and how to change them here. If you’re concerned about privacy please consult your professor.