• Chapter 7 & 9 in Understanding Social Networks by Kadushin
  • Chapter 5 & 7 in Social Network Analysis: Methods & Examples by Yang & Keller.
  • Laumann, Edward O et al. 1993. Monitoring AIDS and Other Rare Population Events: A Network Approach. Journal of Health and Social Behavior 34:7-22.
  • Lamertz, Kai and Karl Aquino.  2004.  “Social Power, Social Status and Perceptual Similarity of Workplace Victimization: A Social Network Analysis of Stratification.”  Human Relations 57, 7, July, 795-822.
  • Martin, Patricia Yancey.  2005. “Communities and Rape Work”  Rape Work.  Chapter 7
  • Digital:

    • Find two articles which use SNA to analyze health, work and/or politics in a digital setting to discuss in your blog.



    • Review two articles which use SNA to analyze health, work and/or politics.  What is the research question?  How is the data collected?  What is the sample population?  What are the nodes?  What are the links?  What are the results? How does SNA as a methodology help advance our understanding of these types of relationships?
  •  Reflection #11:
    • Use this week’s reflection to present an abstract for your large paper.  Identify the nodes, links and data source.  Present the research question as well as the anticipated answer.