Welcome to Week #5

  • Data Collection for SNA



  • Chapter 6-10 in Doing Social Network Research by Robins
  • Chapter 7 in Social Network Analysis: Methods & Examples by Yang & Keller.
  • Ricken, et al. 2010. “TellUsWho: Guided Social Network Data Collection”
  • Marin & Hampton. 2006. “Simplifying the Personal Network Name Generator: Alternatives to Traditional Multiple and Single Name Generators”
  • Merluzzi & Burt. 2013. “How many names are enough? Identifying network effects with the least set of listed contacts.”

*Articles can be found in the Google Classroom folder.



Week #5: Data Collection Strategies


Using Hypothes.is, annotate and discuss your peers’ Week #4 blog. Make at least four annotations across your peer’s blogs.  These annotations can either be original posts or replies.  Be sure to post inside the SNA18 group AND tag each of your posts with your name.


Using your Rampages site, discuss the ways in which the various node centrality measures can be used to evaluate and describe different types of networks.  Include a review of two academic journal articles which use node centrality measures in the methodology and analysis.

Reflection Question:

Reflect on the data collection techniques discussed in the readings.  Which do you think are useful for your project?  How can those data collection techniques translate into online environments?  We encourage the use of online data sources for your projects.

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