Welcome to Week #5

  • Data Collection for SNA Part 2



  • Chapters 8 & 11 in Understanding Social Networks by Kadushin
  • Scott, J. (2017). “Data Collection for Social Network Analysis” in Social Network Analysis. Sage Publications, pp. 41-56.
  • van der Gaag, et. al (2008). “ Position Generator Measures and Their Relationship to Other Social Capital Measures” in Lin & Erickson Social Capital: An international research program. pg 27-48.
  • Fu, Yang-chih (2005). “Measuring personal networks with daily contacts: a single-item survey question and the contact diary”
  • Carrasco et. al. 2006. “Collecting Social Network Data to Study Social Activity-Travel Behaviour: An Egocentric Approach.”
  • Krebs, Valdis E. 2001.  “Mapping Networks of Terrorist Cells.”  Connections 24(3): 43-52.

*Articles can be found in the Google Classroom folder.



Data Collection Part 2: Consult with Prof. Pastore via online meeting


Using Hypothes.is, annotate and discuss your peers’ Week #5 blog. Make at least four annotations across your peer’s blogs.  These annotations can either be original posts or replies.  Be sure to post inside the SNA18 group AND tag each of your posts with your name.


Using your Rampages blog, outline your research plan for SNA project #1.  What is your question?  What type of network are you going to study?  How are you going to get your data?  Include a discussion of the literature surrounding your approach to the network.  How have others approached the type of network you are going to study?  How are you going to build on past research? As you complete this week’s readings, pay attention to the data collection processes used in each article.  Can you borrow any tactics or methods from these articles?

NOTE: There are very few lectures and readings in order to allow more time to develop this blog post.  I will make significant feedback to help refine your research plan.  


Let’s share our ideas on how we are going to collect our SNA data for our small network project.  Survey?  Hand collection?  Coding?  Share your plans for all of us to help you think through your data collection process.

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