Chaftez and Gender

Janet Chaftez theorized about gender and particularly about the Marxian feminist Theory. This is essentially when patriarchy and capitalism work together to keep the oppression of women, while protecting the privilege of men. Oppression is continued through the control of women’s labor, because once more women are contributing to the labor force, the weaker the […]

Habitus by chance

Pierre Bourdieu theorized about an interesting concept he called the “habitus”. This is described as the schemes of perception, thoughts and actions. In other words, everyone has a different habitus depending on the capital they are exposed too. There are three different types of capital that Bourdieu focused on that attributes to an individuals’ habitus. […]

Imperatively Coordinated Associations: FDA

Ralf Dahrendorf theorized that underlying all social order are imperatively coordinated associations. This is described as organizational groups based on power relations. In other words, the same people rotate in positions of power, and therefore, their ideals shape social order. These people achieve this authority through government, corporation and lobbyist positions. The best way to […]

Personal Connections to Double Consciousness

W.E.B DuBois proposed the concept of double consciousness, or otherwise referred to as second sight. I had never really heard or though about this concept before, but after learning about it, I looked to see how it was related to my personal life. Basically, this concept is based on how less privileged groups, or minorities […]

Sex Distinction

Charlotte Perkins Gilman stated in Women and Economics that, “We are more affected by our relation to each other than by our physical environment…The serious dangers and troubles of human life arise from difficulties of adjustment with our social environment.” Within this comes the theory of “sexuo-economic relations”. An example of this is when women […]

Functionalist Theory and Social Bonds

Emile Durkheim’s Functionalist theory, describes what a society needs to do to function, and he strongly argues that the one thing a society needs is social bonds, or a common set of ideas, values, beliefs, norms, and practices that collectively bring the society together. He also believes that a truly healthy society is stable through […]

Culture’s Impact on Teen Pregnancy Rates

In the article, “ The States With the Highest Teenage Birth Rates Have One Thing in Common”, written by Matt Essert, states just that. He claims the abstinence-only education is that common thread for states with high rates of teen pregnancy. He demonstrates this point with several research sources and statistics to back up his […]

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