Teens, Sex, Society

Weber would agree on the idea that our society has become highly rationalized. Whether it is what we do for living, our bureaucracy in itself, or how we view our society from our own cultural points.  However in a country where everything is extremely sexualized,  from commercials to tv shows. We seem to not talk much […]


I don’t know if I get the actual point of the assignment but I will take a stab at it with this article I found.  Goldman Sachs is a corporation that has been around for many years. Like major corporations, it is always in their best interest to have elected officials support them if they […]


Misogyny, the common misconception of an idea of hating women.  If you take time to figure out just how deep this idea goes, it actually gets you more frustrated than just an idea of  “hating women”. It is the hatred of things that are feminine, the devaluation of the behavior or things, a culture that sees […]


The concept of Habitus, the way we live our life and aquire values through everyday experiences. It is our class that conditions our habitus internally. How we react to certain situations is all internally based with us thinking about, our class distinguish. If someone is rude to you, you can either yell back or talk […]

Second Sight

I was googling more about second sight to see what else Du Boise had to say about it, and I came across a passage from his book “The souls of Black Folk”.   The idea of having to look at yourself through your eyes, and through the eyes of the world, I feel is something […]


The blase attitude. Read this article, and it just shouts out to you the numbness that has taken over most, of the human race. I know most of would say, “No I would never walk past someone hurting, or in need of help”, but I am sure thats what the people in this article thought […]

Oh Durkheim & Religion

So I looked up interesting topics that Durkheim had interpretations on, and came across a rather interesting site that took his words and made it so that anyone could understand.  The idea of theology having no reality behind it, because the “worshipper” is creating the symbolic meaning. If you take out for instance, the image […]

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