Double consciousness

Double consciousness is a concept by DuBois described as if you have more than one social identity and this makes it difficult from them to find their sense of self. DuBois’s theory on double consciousness was based on African Americans and how they lived in oppression, but within their culture the encouraged dignity and equality. […]


Gilman’s sex distinction is quite on point with today’s stereotypes of gender. Women are always feminized and men are seen as alpha. Women tend to get the short end of the stick with sex distinction. Gilman states that women tend to depend on men and this plays hand in hand with male gender roles as […]

Weber & teen pregnancy

Sex education is something that I have always found interesting. How surprising is it that that states that teach abstinence-only have the highest rates of teen pregnancies than those who teach comprehensive sex education. This article states that 60% of students who were taught comprehensive sex education ARE LESS LIKELY to get pregnant than those […]


In my personal experience with alienation, according to Marx’s theory, corresponds with a previous job position. I worked the front desk/receptionist in a busy law firm in Arlington, VA. My job was to, of course, answer the phones, greet clients, clean up take messages and so on. I remember the attorneys not acknowledging me and […]

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