I was thinking about our society and how we judge right from wrong.  To go along with the flow, what really sparked my attention was the constant discussion of Ferguson and Mr. Garner.  I thought back to our discussion about Foucault–specifically regarding practices of power.  If it is not obvious to you, hopefully I can […]

We Are One

You never realize how much everything effects you, until you take a step outside your box and look in.  Thinking about Bourdieu and his perspective on “habitus,” it caused me to think of our life being a part of a bigger picture–kind of like purpose.  Everything around us makes us who we are.  The people around […]

Being “Black”

So many times we think of this idea of double consciousness as being referenced within differing races (i.e.: black and white).  However, so many times, I know that I have had that awkward feeling of double consciousness within my own family.  The reason being, is that my dad’s side of the family would be considered […]

Action Movies

Thinking about our current society, with a mentality like Durkeim, our society can tolerate an infinite amount of diversity.  Continuing with the trends of needing the weak, poor, rich, overcompensating, black, white, green, yellow, gay, or straight people within this society, we tolerate a great amount of diversity within the current society.  Regardless of fights […]

Home Cooked Meals

This topic hits pretty close to home–hence the reason I chose this.  This article (sited below) talks about mothers and the expectation placed on them to prepare these home cooked meals.  One thing I really appreciated that this article pointed out, was how, beyond cooking the meal, mothers take on other stresses of picky eaters […]

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