Students Calling Out Our Progress (SCOOP_VSU)

Students Calling Out Our Progress (SCOOP_VSU) is a community organization that was established October 15, 2015 with a Mission of being a networking platform designed to change the atmosphere of Virginia State University’s campus and surrounding Community through Unity and Positive transcendence. We accomplish our objectives through acknowledging and promoting VSU Student and Alumni businesses, … Continue reading Students Calling Out Our Progress (SCOOP_VSU)


Alfred Shutz Schutz and social phenomenologists are principally concerned with the happens of everyday life or what Schutz refers to as the ‘life world’. According to Schutz, lifeworld is the world of existing assumptions that are experienced and made meaningful through consciousness. It is through intentional consciousness, or directing our attention one way or another, […]

Bourdieu Pt. 2

What role does cultural activities play in the social reproduction of class? Bourdieu claims that culture is transmitted from generation to generation through the educational system of the ruling class. “The inheritance of cultural wealth which has been accumulated and given by previous generations only really belongs to those endowed with the means of appropriating […]

Feminist Theory

Dorothy Smith is well known for her standpoint theory in her account of feminine sociology. This theory explains that what one knows is affected by where they stand in society. For instance an adult in the upper class may have a harder time coping in an economic recession in comparison to a working or lower […]

Exchange and Rational Choice

George Homans dealt primarily with the psychological principles underlying social behavior. Although psychology was concerned primarily with individual behavior, Homans felt that the rules governing individual behavior were sufficient to explain all of social behavior. At the heart of his theory was the idea that people acted to maximize their rewards in their social action. […]

Bourdieu n’Em

Bourdieu According to Bourdieu the amount of the cultural capital of an individual determines their success rate in an educational system. Bourdieu defines cultural capital as the characteristics given by families of individuals such as their linguistic and cultural competence, habits, social style, and their cultural qualities. He also claims that culture is transmitted from […]

Dubois + Gilman= Feminist Oreo

Dubois W.E.B Dubois’s theoretical orientation is viewed as non-rational due to his understanding of racial consciousness. That struck me as partly peculiar due to the fact that majority of his work described by the author of the text was considered multidimensional and that he touches on concepts reflecting Durkheim, Marx, and Weber. Dubois connect to […]

Ying Yang Twins: Mead and Simmel

Simmel In contrast to theorists who placed society as an entity that exist outside and totally independent of human interaction and or individualism, Simmel contends that society and individuals work interdependent with one another. His concept of duality and one existing presupposes the other was defined by the author as, “while who you are as […]

Durkheim to the Rescue

Emile Durkheim was a very important figure of sociology. Not saying that Weber or Marx isn’t but Durkheim’s critique of society paved the way and actually opened the door for sociological methods and practice. Similar to Weber’s notion of understanding an individual’s behavior by the states of mind or motivations that guide it, Durkheim’s primary […]

Max Weber

Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism Weber argued that the pursuit of profit was justified by religion. Members of the protestant ethic were encouraged to work hard, be successful in their businesses, and reinvest into further development instead of “worldly pleasures”. Members of the society at that time were subject to a certain “calling” that […]

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