Recreational Data Visualization

As is probably painfully obvious to anyone who has met me, have a lot of “Rubik’s” cubes (hardly any of my ‘speedcubes’ and twisty puzzles are actually Rubik’s brand). In my spare time, I practice solving a basic 3x3x3 speedcube like this one.  My general goal is to get faster. My mean solve time these … Continue reading Recreational Data Visualization

Visualizations and Data Scraping Update

My data is coming along well, albeit a bit slowly. I have finished what I can using excel to organize and parse out the data from the NOT A FLUKE site itself. The finished output (that I have yet to input into my coding tool) can be found here in the left half of the … Continue reading Visualizations and Data Scraping Update

Data Scraping and Data Cleaning

People keep telling me that collecting data is no fun, that coding and cleaning data is a massive headache. I would agree that it takes a lot of work, and there is a lot of problem-solving required. However, I have found this data collection and coding process quite enjoyable (with some much appreciated direction from … Continue reading Data Scraping and Data Cleaning

Thesis, Data, Coding, and a Data Scraper

As I mentioned in a previous post, the working title for my thesis is, “Campus Sexual Misconduct: Exploring Faculty as Perpetrators and Institutional Power.” The data I will be using for my thesis comes from NOT A FLUKE, a project that keeps a running record of news articles of cases of faculty sexual assault and … Continue reading Thesis, Data, Coding, and a Data Scraper

Digital Portfolios

One of my goals this semester is to develop my own digital portfolio. I’ve been a bit hesitant about working on this in the past because the development of such has always occurred in very forced, inorganic classroom settings. This semester, in a fully-online course dedicated to data visualization and the ability to communicate and … Continue reading Digital Portfolios

Data Visualization and My Final Semester of Grad School

Since this is my first (publicly visible) post, I should introduce myself. I am a second-year graduate student in the VCU sociology department.  I am an in-person student on the thesis track, and also a teaching assistant for two of the professors in the department. I had originally planned to pursue a Ph.D. and become … Continue reading Data Visualization and My Final Semester of Grad School

Week 15 Blog, Research Proposal Summary

My research proposal for the semester was on the topic of pornography use and rape myth acceptance. Pornography use is very widespread among college students (the largest of any age group for pornography use). Almost 90% of college men and more than 30% of college women use pornography. Roughly half of those that use pornography … Continue reading Week 15 Blog, Research Proposal Summary

Week 6 Sampling Blog

Sampling is a  very, very important part of research. I know that it’s a cliche phrase to start a blog or other piece of coursework, but it really is extremely important. It’s up there with things like the basic tenets of the scientific method, peer review, or ethical considerations. The method of sampling is something … Continue reading Week 6 Sampling Blog

Baudrillard and Bodies in the Media

I know I’ve posted about bodily portrayals in the media before. It’s something I feel passionate about not only because of my own body image problems in the past, but also because of how frequently I see the effects of distorted, free-floating symbols in the media on people’s experiences. I’m sure that we’ve all seen this … Continue reading Baudrillard and Bodies in the Media

Habermas and My Obligatory Trump Blog

Well, here’s my obligatory Trump blog. It seems like everyone has done one. I’m always one to stubbornly refuse the bandwagon, but here at the end of the semester, I’m going to lean on the easy topics a little. The conflict theorists have a lot to talk about right now with the ever-increasing political and … Continue reading Habermas and My Obligatory Trump Blog

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