The word misogyny gets a lot of use these days. Unfortunately, that is because there is a lot of misogyny. Special attention should be payed to the meaning and use of the word. Considering its greek origin, it should literally translate as “hatred of women”. However, it has a more focused definition these days. First, […]

Bourdieu and Cultural Capital

Bourdieu says there are four different types of capital: economic, social, symbolic, and cultural. The latter three of which are made possible by the first. Economic capital is the classic Marxian idea. Social capital is basically social connections, or who you know. Symbolic capital is ability to manipulate, influence, and shape the social world people live […]

Dahrendorf and Conflict Theory

Conflict theorists differ from Marxists in that they think conflict is here to stay. Marx believed that conflict would eventually end with communism. Conflict theorists like Dahrendorf as a normal part of society. However, unlike some other conflict theorists, Dahrendorf thought conflict did not come about naturally, but as a result of power. He said that […]

W. E. B. DuBois

Second sight and double consciousness are difficult topics for me to talk about because, frankly, I am in the unusual position of not being part of any marginalized group. I am white, male, and from an upper-middle-class family. The only ways in which I am marginalized are ways in which all of humanity are. That […]

The problem of home cooking

This topic caught my eye, as I have been having trouble finding time to BAKE POTATOES, one of the simplest tasks in the culinary world, and I am not even a parent: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/study-finds-home-cooking-disproportionately-burdens-mothers/ This article does some generalizing, as articles do, but the general message is an important one. There are social expectations fighting women […]

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