La Sociologie est un sport de combat

Review Pierre Bourdieu is perhaps my favorite Sociologist of all time; easily in my “top five”. He’s known for referring to Sociology as a martial art, which is about the coolest damn thing I’ve ever heard. More accurately, in French it is sport de combat. Bourdieu uses the term to refer to the necessary defense of […]

Matrix of Domination Sounds Like A Cool Movie Title

Review I can’t really contain my levels of excitement to appropriate levels because this week, I get to talk about feminist and gender theories…HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to talk about some of my favorite minds of ALL time, including the incredible Patricia Hill Collins (going to have a field day talking about her), as well […]

Coleman and Goffman. Why does every Sociologist have the suffix “-man”…

Review Chapters 11 and 12 discusses Exchange/Rational Choice theories, and Symbolic Interactionism, respectively. Exchange/Rational Choice theories describes how social exchanges are a system of rewards and costs. So, for a social exchange, hazing or teasing may be a cost, but status and companionship are the reward. Exchange theory explains the individual, while rational choice theory […]

Parsons, Parsoffs. Merton, Mertoff.

Review Reading Talcott Parsons works, I found it almost difficult to reflect on his work in a subjective matter. His work is just so inoffensive…it’s much easier to reflect on work when I vehemently disagree with it or find blaring statements or ideas that completely contradict either what I believe or what is generally society’s […]

Gilman v. Gilwoman. Also W.E.B. Du Bois…

Review I’m thrilled to be writing this week’s blog post (as incredibly and inevitably nerdy as that sounds), as I will be discussing some of my most personally beloved sociologists…Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and W.E.B. Du Bois! They make my feminist and critic of race relations heart absolutely flutter! Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s theories are akin to […]

With friends like Durkheim, who needs anomies?

Review This week, we have the pleasure of reviewing the well renowned French sociologist, Émile Durkheim. Durkheim, being a Functionalist (in contrast to Mark being a Conflict theorist, and Weber being a Conflict/dialectical theorist), sought to understand what it was that held a society together and kept the inner mechanisms functioning properly. Functionalism focuses on he […]

Weber to the Max

Review Chapter 4 of the Appelrouth and Edles text delves into the classical theories of German sociologist, Max Weber. Weber’s works have always resonated with me, however, my main gripe with Weber is that it is evidenced that he was vaguely racist. Regardless in mentioning this, I want to point out as it is the […]

Review and Analysis of Marx

Review No other than Karl Marx has been able to write a larger, more influential critical analysis of capitalism. In this chapter, Marx’s work and ideologies are presented to the reader, including the familiar Communist Manifesto,  a political pamphlet. It was designed as a polemic that was intended to incite a specific group of people […]

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