Bourdieu’s Habitus Dun Dun Dun.. Habitus at work. Indiana University has found that children of working class kids are less likely to ask questions in class, because their parents tend to encourage them to be “obedient and defer to teachers,” while middle class parents are more likely to encourage kids to ask questions and be outgoing. […]

Google It.

When Google started up in 1998 by two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the motto of their new site was “Don’t be Evil.” (Thompson, 2014). Sadly, it’s probably about time that Google gave up that motto, as it no longer pertains to them at all. Beverly Kracher, CEO of Business Ethics Alliance was […]

Double Consciousness with a little “I” and “Me”

This video came out in late 2011. If you can’t watch it, it’s about a black woman who goes into a grocery store with her half white half black sister in law. The sister in law looks white; blue eyes, light skin. The cashier (a white woman) at the stand chats the “white woman” up […]

That ‘tude

In the article in the NYtimes, a man is left to bleed out, alone, on the street in New York City. Simmel says that this would be because we are desensitized to the harsh realities of this world. We are overstimulated by the abundance of ways to see anything and everything at this point. We […]

Stop making ‘em cook!

A study by North Carolina State University found that home-cooked meals, while nutritionally valuable, were actually causing more negative affects on parents than the meals were worth, especially on mothers. Marx would say that we’ve managed to let the nutrition of our bodies, and feeding eachother (which is a huge connection to our basic humanness), […]

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