Theory? Our Society? Finding Explanations. – Krystal Woods 2014-11-21 03:08:29

In Habermas’s theory, he talks about how money and power colonizes people on a day to day basis and I could agree more. He argues that the life world which is everyday realities of individuals are becoming colonized by the state and economic systems. Both the state and economic systems have imposed themselves through media […]

Misogyny in Our Society

Janet Chaftez is a theorist that discusses gender inequality. She realizes that patriarchy is here, but brings up the question of how gender inequality within that is stabilized and manifested. During our many rants in class, we got on the topic of misogyny and we defined it as a devaluing of women, which is exemplified […]

Bourdieu and Cultural Capital

Pierre Bourdieu says that there are four types of capital that are used to produce class, but to me, cultural capital is one that influences many different aspects of one life. Cultural capital is the informal social skills, linguistic styles and tastes that people garner as a result of their economic resources. My mom always […]

Imperatively Coordianted Associations and Dahrendorf

Ralf Dahrendorf’s theory talks about how conflict is normal, but it is rooted in social structures not nature as Coser argues. In power the distribution, power is used to maintain social order. Dahrendorf discusses different topics, but one that discusses power of authority is the relationships amongst those in power is “imperatively coordinated associations”. This […]

Morbid Excess in Sex Distinction

Charlotte Gilman was a radical feminist/sociologist that focused on things that a lot of people during that time didn’t. She talked about things that are still very relevant today. One thing in particular is morbid excess in sex distinction. When asked this question I wasn’t sure what to look for, but after reading again, lots […]

Blase’ Blase’

After reading the article about the homeless man and discussing it in class, I realized how preoccupied humans can be and how you can miss very important events by placing your focus elsewhere. During class, we spoke on the Blasé Attitude which embodies boredom, lack of concern, limited emotional resources, too many demands, etc. This […]

How Much is Too Much?

While I thought about the question, “How much diversity/differentiation could a society have before it falls apart, or even become dysfunctional?”, I thought about whether diversity would be degraded as a bad thing or respected as a good thing. Durkheim says that a healthy society is one that is solid, stable and cohesive, and I […]

Teenage Pregnancies

Seeing that teenage birth rate has decreased in the United States is a phenomenal thing to witness, but to see that isn’t the case where “abstinence only” education is being taught isn’t surprising at all. The rates are still decreasing, but in states where this type of education is being taught has the highest rates […]

Weber and “The Iron Cage”

Max Weber coined the term “iron cage” for the increasing rationalization in social life. Weber had a very different view of how society should be and explained his concept through his works. Weber felt that a lot of the shaping that individuals undergo have a lot to do with the socio-cultural aspect of one’s life, […]

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