Foucalt, Chris rock and our soft generation

Chris Rock was recently interviewed and stated that he doesn’t like to do his stand up at colleges because students have become too “conservative” too afraid to go against someone else’s beliefs or hurt someone’s feelings, which is basically all comedians do. I could’t agree more with Rock in that I have grown up in […]

Cultural Capital

Bourdieu spoke about cultural capital as being non-financial assets that include education, intellect, speech, appearance, etc. I feel most of cultural capital stems from education which directly contributes to your appearance, degree of intellect and your ability to speak properly among different groups. What I feel is most important is the way you present your […]


After learning about Dahrendorf’s theory of imperatively coordinated associations I couldn’t help but remember an article I read in my global ethics class about the government and media. The government and media coordinate with each other the let out the stories they believe the people should see while making them refrain from publishing the ones […]

Double Consciousness

In DuBois’s theory of double consciousness he explains how African American’s have developed a second identity through the eyes of slave owners when they were first brought to America. African Americans became aware of their two conflicting identities once they realized they we’re not actually a part of the American culture and weren’t really able […]


In the New York times post, ” Questions Surround a Delay in Help for a Dying Man” we hear about a man who is left for dead in New York after being victim of a stabbing after trying to intervene in a confrontation. The article explains the number of passer byre’s who walked by the […]

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