Education is EVERYTHING

Pierre Bourdieu Habitus Bourdieu’s major body of work came when he was attempting to bridge objectivist and subjectivist methods, thus habitus was created. Habitus is the way we go about our everyday life, the experiences that we have forms our morals and values. It is ultimately our class and communal conditions that formulates our internal […]

Race v. Class

William Julius Wilson: In The Declining Significance of Race (Revisited but not Revised), William Julius Wilson intensely responds to the criticism of a Harvard professor, Charles V. Willie. Willie refutes the mere notion of Wilson’s book title; he doesn’t think that there is a decline in the significance of race whatsoever. Willie actually thinks it […]

Feminist and Gender Theories

Dorothy E. Smith Dorothy E. Smith is a sociologist who challenges preexisting principles not many chose to address. She was one of few who acknowledged that the original ideologies in which sociology’s foundation was built upon was from the perspectives of middle aged white men. In recognizing this reality she developed the profound notion of […]

Ideologies and Social Class

Daniel Bell: Bell was a scholar and intellect whose profound writings highly impacted the world of sociology. In, The End of Ideology, Bell stated that the nineteenth and twentieth century ideologies were being drained and that a more insular ideological method was going to take lead. He described himself as a “socialist in economics, a […]

W.E.B. DuBois: The Great

Early sociologist rarely, if at all, mentioned race. Maybe it was because they were in different countries; maybe it was because they did not see importance of the matter. Class, economics, and capitalism may have been a higher priority to them. However, W.E.B. DuBois relentlessly spear headed the conversation and made it his life’s work. […]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Review of Charlotte P. Gilman Charlotte P. Gilman’s contribution to feminist theory and the economic differentiations between men and women has forever shaped the sociological realm for women. Though we are still battling a lot of dissimilarities in pay rates and holding high prestigious career positions, we have truly come a long way. From staying […]

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