The Colonization of the Internet

The internet is part of everyday life, right? How can we live without it? Regarding being on the World Wide Web, many of us cannot fathom not having online access. Even Habermas believed that modernity can bring hope in freeing the fetters of the colonization in the life world; however, here is where we must […]

Miss Ogyny, My Girl or Boy

When I think of misogyny, my mind immediately understands this through LGBT issues. What really makes me draw this correlation is the term gay. The very use of the word gay, shows the latent misogyny embedded in culture. Gay formerly was a word for happy or ornamental. So, why and how did it become a […]

What Would You Do If You Could Do It All?

The best example I can think of the power of Bourdieu’s four types of capital are celebrity activists. The Habitus of the world of celebrities gives them a great deal of influence. Celebrity influence through movies, music, art, and sometimes even writing, crosses countries, classes, color, and economic conditions. The four types of capital of […]

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Corruption seems prevalent in governments across the world. In the United States, we are tempted to believe that we are immune from this practice; however, the current state of our politics has shown symptoms of deep rooted corruption. It seems difficult to believe, but the widespread corruption that is taking place in government is the […]

You’re Okay Because You’re Not Like the Rest of Them

Double consciousness is a concept that I was aware of as a child; but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I lived in an upscale neighborhood in Washington, DC. My father was a scientist and professor. My mother was also a professor; however, she resigned when she married my father to […]

Doll Parts

Most little girls play with dolls as children. Boys usually play with action figures. This is a normal part of growing up. Toys help children learn about their bodies, socialization, and the necessity of play; however, there is a point where toy play can bleed into reality. Currently, there is an alarming trend of adults […]

As I Lay Dying

An element of Simmels’s theory on Urbanization and Social networks is the development of a blasé attitude. The blasé attitude, Simmel believes, is created as a coping mechanism due to the limited emotional capital humans can spend because of our complex roles. We can interpret the NY times article of Alfredo Tale-Yax’s death as a […]

Social Media and Anomie

The Pew research group surveyed Americans and discovered that man that Social Media is a news source for about 30% of population. Looking at the phenomenon of social media from a Durkheim perspective, one could analyze it as a product of the cult of the individual; however, the connection to others, and the news feeds […]

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