The Land of the Free and Home of the Bad

The United States is perceived to be the land of the free. Our foreign policy is motivated to bring freedom and democracy to poor oppressed, yet resource rich countries. If enforcing freedom is our goal, then why does the United States house 25% of the world prison population? Even more interesting is the alarming rate […]

Jesus Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam…because I’m from South America

While many of children were poolside this summer enjoying friends, family, and fun, there were thousands of children traversing to the United States borders in a desperate attempt for safety and survival. The mass migration of children from South American countries to the United States has marred the accepting image of US immigration policy. The […]

Capitalism: The gift that keeps giving corruption.

One of the most compelling examples of the capitalism’s ability to corrupt is the rising disparity of the education system in China. China being a communist country should have systems in place to eradicate class differentiation; however, Marx predicted that capitalism would breed corruption and a growing division in class. When China started participating openly […]

Marx: Paranoia or Prophesy

For many social theorists, Marx can be examined with a critical eye. By Marx being second read only to the Bible, his position creates, in true conflict theory form, a shake your fists at the sky response at times. With further examination, however; the basic observations, principles and arguments of commodity fetish, dehumanization, and alienation […]

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