Baudrillard and Bodies in the Media

I know I’ve posted about bodily portrayals in the media before. It’s something I feel passionate about not only because of my own body image problems in the past, but also because of how frequently I see the effects of distorted, free-floating symbols in the media on people’s experiences. I’m sure that we’ve all seen this … Continue reading Baudrillard and Bodies in the Media


Micheal Foucault   Foucault is a sociologist who believes in power and how social control is used for people. His definition of power/knowledge is, “It is not the acquisition of knowledge that gives one power, instead knowledge is never separate from power but is instead a specific means for exercising power.” (Pp.618). This quote says, […]

Reality !

Both  phenomenology and the theories of Foucault and Baudrillard focus on the perception of reality.  This subject has been appropriately left for our last topic, as it brings into question the notion, utility and purpose of sociology as a science. What purpose is there to the study of society if it is all an illusion … Continue reading Reality !

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